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The Bee Charmer

There are those among us with amazing gifts. In the past, these were the people that were known throughout their community as the person who could find the perfect place to dig a well, quiet a colicky baby, remove burn pain by blowing on it, and stick their arm into a bees’ nest to get honey without getting stung. Of course, these gifts may not seem so valuable now because wells are no longer dug by hand and honey may be purchased at the supermarket with ease. Our society no longer values the born naturalist: the person who isn’t decorated with fancy degrees or pictured in books but knows the name of every bird and plant (and the healing qualities of each plant).

Do you know any born naturalists? I do. I know two: Aunt Judy and Tom. I wanted to share a picture of the bees that Tom recently coaxed into a man-made hive (outfitted with window frames for the comb). He did so without a bee smoker, netting, or gloves. This is not the first time that Tom has done this either. He’s absolutely incredible and even though our bustling society doesn’t recognize his miraculous gifts: I do.

And I thought you might, too.

(clockwise from the top: Tom’s beehive, ancient canning jar with wild honey, and Tom’s wild honey bees)

  • Fishing Guy - Lacy: That honey looks absolutely wonderful and your honey got it for you. You have so much on your sight it just wonderful.ReplyCancel

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