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The Importance of Feeling Valued

DSC_0154 Prior to being a stay at home mother, I explored a few different professions. Timberland Homme The last full-time paid job I had was incredibly difficult to leave because I finally found a place where I belonged. canada goose puma pas cher From finding a gluten-free sugar-free vegan birthday cake just hours before it was needed to arranging for a string quartet to pop out from behind some trees and perform for a couple on their 20th wedding anniversary: I loved being a concierge. So why am I a stay-at-home mother and how is that enough for me? DSC_0156 First, I’m going to explain that the photos in this post are from my former life as a concierge. A young man wished to propose to his girlfriend and wanted it be intimate, beautiful, memorable, and something that wouldn’t be over moments after he popped the question. iphone 7 phone screen case I suggested that we set up a little gourmet picnic on a lake and include flowers, then after she said yes, they could watch the sunset before retreating to their villa to celebrate. He thought the idea was perfect and told me his budget. personalised silicone iphone 7 case Then I was left to work my magic: DSC_0099 I took the flowers home so that I could make the arrangements and I also gathered some supplies. Then I packed everything up, picked up the food from my dear chef friend, and hauled all of it down a trail to a covered dock on the lake. I took these photos before leaving in hopes that I could capture what they saw upon arriving. Here’s the tour: DSC_0113 DSC_0121 DSC_0140 DSC_0149 And yes, those are real goldfish swimming in that giant brandy snifter floral arrangement. They retired to my little pond at home afterward. Here’s a little video of the set up: I then ran to my car, texted the “all clear” that everything was ready for him to head to the dock, and drove to the other side of the lake. Then, I low-crawled up the side of a dam to get some photographs of the engagement for them. doudoune moncler soldes DSC_0179 After snapping some pictures, I raced to their villa so I could make a giant heart of rose petals on their duvet cover, place origami-towel kissing swans at the foot of their bed, and place another floral arrangement to greet them. It felt wonderful to have arranged all of that and to see them visit my desk the next morning to say thank you. Bottes UGG Pas Cher France I felt like dancing. They loved the entire evening and I got completely caught up in the romance of the event. ugg outlet france iphone 8 case playstation That is a perk of the job, I discovered, and the one I loved best. These photos now serve as a reminder of my capabilities when I am feeling overwhelmed by the intensity of motherhood, homemaking, blogging, writing a cookbook, college classes, homeschooling, being a military spouse, and being someone’s wife. The truth is that these photos help me cope when some well-meaning person says, “How nice that you don’t have to work.” or “You can always just go get a job and start contributing.” Why? Because they remind me that I sacrificed for my family and I sacrifice every single day so that our son can grow up the way that we (my husband and I) planned. ugg femme Acknowledging the effort I put into motherhood and the capable career woman within makes me feel important, it restores my equilibrium, and keeps me from leaning too heavily on my spouse for validation. Suddenly, I’m incredibly proud of myself for giving up sleep to mop the floors, scrub toilets, do laundry, pack lunches, make breakfasts, and plan meals. Timberland Femme Pas Cher I remind myself why I do all of those things at night: so that I can take our son on adventures every day, then come home to make a creative nutritious meal, and to greet my husband with a genuine smile when he walks through the door. timberland soldes iphone 6 case ulak iphone 6s case dual layer shockproof In fact, just writing all of that down makes me feel like a rock star. That’s right. selfie case iphone 7 plus A ROCKSTAR who is married to a real-life action hero Ranger-turned-Blackhawk-pilot. You know what else I discovered? It’s okay — even expected — for rockstars to break down sometimes from the weight of their creative genius and their crazy schedules. So I’ve learned to allow myself to do the same. puma pas cher I speak up and ask my husband for a night off without feeling guilty or weak. There is strength in knowing and expressing needs. back case for iphone 8 A side effect to my change in attitude took me quite by surprise: my husband is even more supportive and regularly voices his appreciation of my efforts. air max homme Sometimes, all we really need is to take a step back and remind ourselves of our own potential and virtues we possess. We stand a little taller, smile a bit brighter, and then the world smiles with us. ugg australia pas cher Unless, of course, your spouse is a troll and then this exercise might result in divorce proceedings. User beware.

  • Allan - Lacy, you need never doubt what a capable woman you are. Plus your kind heart is evident in all you do.ReplyCancel

    • Simple Livin' gal - Thank you! What an extraordinary compliment — especially because I know that you are speaking from the heart — and it quite made my week (possibly month). <3ReplyCancel

  • Dawn - You are a rockstar! Well said.ReplyCancel

  • Jana Frerichs - You work harder than anybody I know. You are an excellent mother and wife and I have never doubted your ability to do anything you wanted. I am proud to call you my friend. You have taken time out of your busy schedule to console me when I was having doubts about myself! You are amazing.ReplyCancel

    • Simple Livin' gal - Jana, my lovely friend, you are such a breath of fresh air! I love how you fully embrace life and all of its bizarre antics, gorgeous mysteries, and dazzling complexities. You inspire me! You’ve overcome so much and with such grace & humility.

      Thank you. Thank you for the honor of your friendship. I love your heart!ReplyCancel

  • Jana Frerichs - And… I forgot to say, you are a rockstar. You rock like KISS! Love ya Lacy!!!!ReplyCancel

  • Dianne - Lacy, what a wonderful post! I have no doubt that you could easily be the CEO of a Fortune 500 company if you so chose, but why should/would you?! You have the most important job ever now. You are making memories for your family that will be priceless. You excel at everything you do! Just enjoy the beautiful journey…ReplyCancel

    • Simple Livin' gal - Dianne,

      Bless you for your kind and wise words! I cannot begin to tell you how much they mean to me. Indeed, I do feel that my job as a mother is the most important one (and best) I’ve ever had. He’s such a terrific little kid and he teaches me so much about life.ReplyCancel

  • Carolina De Medeiros - I think we need to re-create create the term “Stay at Home Mom”. It does not cover all we do, and we rarely “stay at home”. I like “Rockstar Mom”. That seems more fitting, especially when it comes to you! You do more as a mom than most people do working 4 jobs. You truly inspire me my friend.

    I have worked since I was 7. Had my first corporate job when I was 16yrs old and never stopped working since then. I feel truly lucky to be able to be a “stay at home Rockstar” for my kids. I know not all families can afford to do so, and admire my partner for working so hard so we can give our children that. We both genuinely appreciate each other and help each other.

    I’m positive Josh knows and is very proud of the Rockstar mom you are and brags about you at work all the time. As he has admitantly said he has rubbed your amazing home cooked meal in his soldier’s faces. Ahahahajaja poor guys. So even when we don’t get the daily appreciation, it doesn’t mean they aren’t bragging about us or thinking about us somewhere else. 😉ReplyCancel

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