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The Year in Mosaics

My creation

While I took a blogging hiatus, a technological vacation, a digital holiday… my friends have been busily browsing the archives on this site.  As I sat down this morning to try and remember why I started this blog back in the start of 2008, the photos throughout the posts really spoke to me.  I laughed, cried, and smiled as Josh and I struggled to tame the Georgian jungle, form our very own aviary (quite large and lacking a roof), garden amongst the predacious southern bugs, and prepare for children.  I thought you might join me on my walkabout.

Spring 2008

Spring of 2008 focused on building animal housing, gardening, and bringing home birds (guineas, chickens, turkeys, ducklings, etc.).  I canned quite a bit, Josh had a massive identity crisis and woke up as Steve Irwin — hence the snakes, and I wrote simple living prose in my spare time.

Summer 2008

In the summer, we acquired still more chickens and upped the number of cooking posts (Who knew that you guys wanted to see how I cook, bottle, and bake?), and explored country photography.  We also (finally) painted the guinea house and began to realize that the guineas would never use the guinea house again (except to perch on top of it and host all night screechy slumber parties).

Late Summer 2008

Late summer of ye old double-ought-eight proved to be a splendid way to gear up for fall — complete with pear pie, the canning of pole beans, the making & freezing of pesto, darning socks, making ice cream, and enjoying the last of lazy hazy days.

Fall 2008

As fall crept in, we kept busy with gardening, stalking the chickens (with their various love triangles and ample sass), and exploring cooler weather comfort foods like pasta, eggplant, and pear butter.  We also began to have hope that children really were in our future.  We’d already experienced some disappointment but were keeping strong.

Winter 2008

Finally, in the winter of 2008 — we got our children!  From trips to Westville, Friendship bread, cane syrup cake, ginger cookies, Irish Dexters, to knitting patterns… winter carved out some time for blogging and also some miracles.  I don’t think that I will ever forget posting “Good Lord be Praised! We Have Children!” and how your comments made me feel.  We’ve been through so much together!

When I began this blog, I never imagined how close I would come to feel to you, the readers.  I could not possibly have anticipated the love and support you’ve given me.  Thank you.  You have blessed my life abundantly.

And no… this is not a farewell post.  And if you should want to make mosaics of your very own, check out the Mosaic Maker.

  • YDavis - My friend, I always enjoy my visit to you blog. I am very glad that I found your blog(I don’t even remember how but I know it’s something to do with Goldens).ReplyCancel

  • Rosa - What gorgeous mosaics! Your blog is a real breath of fresh air!



  • Julie at Elisharose - I, too, have no memory of how I found your little corner of cyberspace, but I have always been so glad I did.

    I have backed off from blogging myself. Not intentionally, really. There has been a lot going on here and my mind has just been elsewhere. I hope to gte back to it soon.

    And I hope you do, too. I miss your fun and cheerful posts. Thanks for letting us peek into your windows. : )ReplyCancel

  • April - I love to read your blog. You are so amazing! Your husband sounds like mine. Mine has NO fear of anything. He has caught rattlers, timber rattlers, and it doesn’t phase him. He has finally stopped (thank goodness). Any how your photos are great. Glad you are back with all of us bloggers. Look forward to reading about all of your adventures !ReplyCancel

  • Linda Sue - Lovely to wander through the memories with you – very glad you are not abandoning blogging – it is a wonderfully visual way to share our lives. Trust the children and the legal schmegalese is all working out to your blessing and happiness. Thanks for being here –ReplyCancel

  • Paulette - Dear Lacy, I’m one of your biggest fans, you are such a breath of fresh air and an inspiration. Thanks for the look back, and I’m looking forward to sharing the upcoming year.ReplyCancel

  • Lynnie - Wow! What a full and gorgeous life! I can’t believe you only started your blog a year ago! You have really taken it to a wonderful place. I always feel so clean and healthy and full of ideas when I come here for a visit! Good job!ReplyCancel

  • Margo - Love the mosaics – and I’m looking forward to another year of postsReplyCancel

  • Kim - I have enjoyed reading about your jouney Lacy and I LOVE your mosiac. So glad to have you as a friend!ReplyCancel

  • Judy - Lacy,

    I have enjoyed reading your writings. It has been, in part, through your blog that I have learned to again appreciate those things that I have taken for granted. Since reading your entries, I have been inspired to embark on a path to reclaim those things that I hold dear.

    It is always a ride, this life, isn’t it? There are so many ups and downs, but I can tolerate a down because I know He always follows it with an up 🙂 If I’ve learned anything, it is that there is a REASON for EVERYTHING. Sometimes it takes years for me to see it, but I always (eventually) see it.

    I know that by reading your blog, it has given me direction. Before, I didn’t know how to get from the life I have to the simpler life I want. Simply put…it only takes one step at a time. You’ve made it seem very doable.

    Keep on writing 🙂

  • Laurie - Nice post! Memories truly are what makes us who we are and the memories you are giving those children of yours will surely be treasured throughout their lives.ReplyCancel

  • Kath - You and Josh have come a long way in a short year!!!! Keep up the good work on the farm and especially sharing it all with us!!!! You two have had quite the year.

    I think I found you over at Applies, who I found over at Chocolatechic, who of course was on PW.ReplyCancel

  • Jeni Hill Ertmer - Cool, very cool -love the mosaics!
    I hope you know I follow you via my reader -every single post -even though I’ve been not all that talkative here or on very many blogs for sometime now. I go through spells where I just enjoy the read and not so much putting my two cents worth out there at that time. But I’ve bee following you and your husband and especially the adventures with the children and so happy that they are part of your life. Good things do come to those who wait -and see -it’s all been coming your way, hasn’t it?
    Keep up the great job you do with the blog as well as with The Grit too!ReplyCancel

  • Marlene - Dear Lacy,
    This your first year has been one you’ll always remember. You laughed, you cried, you were sad, you were lonely, you hoped, you prayed, you were shocked, you were surprised, then back to cry, then to acceptance and now just take it as it comes. Wow!! What a year it has been but how much you and Joshua grew together as a couple, as frugal servivors, as best friends, as surrogate parents and best of all faithful followers of Him. The journey’s are fun, exciting, scary, exhillorating, and alive. You have been blessed to be able to have travelled so far and so fast and yet come out smilling in the end. Wow!! Keep up your great work. You are an inspiration to many, a teacher to a few, a leader for all, a gift to those in need and most of all you are His children like the rest of us. A job well done I would say, would you agree when thought about it. I am sure He is pleased. xoxoxoxo
    Love AlwaysReplyCancel

  • Sophie - Wow!! Beautiful pictures, my friend!! Love it!! Beautiful colours too!!ReplyCancel

  • Dianne - I always love your blog! Be sure to check out my website in the next few days for a GIVEAWAY of a wonderful cookbook by Jan Karon (not that YOU need any cookbooks! *grin)…


    Hugs and blessings,

  • elra - I don’t about others, but I have such a wonderful feeling seeing all of this photos, the kids, the animals, and the farm.

  • Ashley - Lacy, How I love the friends we have become! Keep writing, cooking, sewing, gardening and believing!

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