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Beautiful Beans As verdant veg with swirls of string threaten takeover, I compensate by madly posting Tweets or Twittering my progress as the quart-to-pound ratio changes. A Twitter friend suggested that I post a tour of the “farm” and house as it is right now.

Sewing Room

First stop: the sewing room, a.k.a. new balance pas cher 2018 iphone 7 plus case adidas the guest bedroom

Recently, a certain someone surprised me by making me a sewing room. bottes timberland In years past, I had to store my sewing machine and supplies in the hall linen closet. vente de newbalance iphone 8 silicone case black This made sewing projects frustrating because I had to first tote everything to the dining room table, set it all up, sew, and then take it all down before the evening meal. Inevitably, a needle or straight pin would fall to the floor and lie in wait for the tender flesh of a passing foot. My projects suffered because I either didn’t finish them or… puma basket I just didn’t finish them. There. I confessed. Now, I have no excuses for my unfinished projects, right?


If the house is the cell… Bottes UGG Pas Cher France En Ligne iphone 7 plus phone cases tech 21 then the kitchen is the nucleus. Take note, of course, the canning supplies and junk on the island. hoco iphone x case This is how it stays, I fear. I am always in the middle of something be it soapmaking, canning, cooking, baking, or some other task. acheter newbalance en ligne ugg pas cher phone case iphone 6 personalised As I took this photo, the last of the squash bubbled in quart jars on the counter beside the stove and the Crockpot stewed away at the remnants of a roasted chicken (which I pulled all the meat from earlier) to make stock. ugg australia I’ll be canning the chicken stock soon.

My living room

Here’s my living room (as seen from the couch). ugg homme The evenings are spent in the living room with books on raising grassfed beef draped over the armrests, my knitting needles bobbing or the peels of my latest canning project falling into a scrap bowl. black shock proof iphone 7 case This area is also subject to the tapping of guineas and goats on the glass in the double doors which serves as both a distraction from chores and entertainment.

Josh on front porch

And here is my favorite part. acheter newbalance doudoune moncler soldes Does anything top a good front porch? I think not. New Balance Baskets Femme In fact, this may be my favorite space on our property. I find myself most relaxed when seated comfortably and looking out at the goats and chickens… ugg soldes 2018 living a country song. iphone 7 red phone cases Are you living a country song? Maybe you should offer a tour of your world on your website.

** Special thanks to Andrew of Another Kind of Drew who thought I should write this post.

  • Rosa - Thanks for the tour! I really love your front porch! I’d love to read there…



  • Simple Livin' gal - Rosa — Who can resist a good front porch, you know? It calls to me.ReplyCancel

  • Michele - Our back patio is our favorite spot. I can set up my easel to paint and JR reads with dogs at his feet. Paradise, I tells ya’ReplyCancel

  • Simple Livin' gal - Michele — What a great scene! I bet it is pure heaven!ReplyCancel

  • mrs darling - Been a while since I visited you sweet friend. I had to stop and tell y ou how much I enjoyed this peek into your home. My garden is still full of tomatoes but they will have to wait. I have homeschool to tend to now!ReplyCancel

  • Simple Livin' gal - Mrs. Darling!!!!

    I’m so glad to see you and thrilled that you liked the tour. I know that you can relate to the projects and how they take over our space.

    I need to pop over and visit you now!


  • Dianne - aawww, Lacy, thanks so much for the tour! I loved all of it…especially the sewing room and the handsome young man on your front porch!

    Blessings to you sweet friend,

  • Laura - I love your house. It’s a ‘home away from home’ for me.ReplyCancel

  • Julie at Elisharose - Your world looks cozy and wonderful.

    I, too, have a front porch. I love it. We all do. When we think of moving, having another one like it is an absolute must.ReplyCancel

  • Tia Julie - The most important part that makes this house a home is the two wonderful people who occupy it and make it a warm inviting place to visit.ReplyCancel

  • Amanda - You didn’t do your island justice, that is the hub of your kitchen(otr then the stove) and you barely go the top!!!ReplyCancel

  • Dawn - I had a sewing room once. I actually mended things because I could go to the machine and sew up the rip. I have to dig my machine from the crawlspace and do the same, work on a project in the kitchen and have it removed for supper. Lately, I have had a half hour or something in which I could do some sewing if it was handy. I have unfinished sewing projects and look forward to the day I will have the space to set up a sewing room. You home looks so neat and tidy with all you are doing. I must say when I do canning and outside work the house falls apart. Mind you the kids will eventually clean it up and I suspect the lack of space makes for a more cluttered appearance when a few things are out. And I agree; there is nothing like a porch to sit on.ReplyCancel

  • Elizabeth Massie - Love this glimpse into your life. It looks sooooo peaceful!ReplyCancel

  • warren - Your kitchen looks waaaay too neat. Not fair!ReplyCancel

  • Marlene - Hi there Miss Lacy,
    I have to totally agree with Tia Julie. There is also One more who lives there. We should not forget. Without Him there is no home.
    Love Always oxoxoxReplyCancel

  • Sophie - Hello Lacy,

    Thanks for the tour in your sewing room & house. The porch outside is so lovely too,..
    Great kitchen too,..ReplyCancel

  • Ashley - Hello darling Lacy!
    Love the tour! Hows Apple? Lets plan a get together! I’d love for my family to meet you and Josh! Looks like you’ve been busy. So glad to see your having a nice fall!
    Love ya,

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