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What’s in a name?

Okay folks, I got an email about the names for the chicks. Remember the nine chicks (all female) that remain nameless because we can’t tell them apart? Well, Aunt Julie suggested that we name them the Beardsleys from Yours, Mine, and Ours from 1968. Just in case you need to jog your memory, I managed to find a clip from the movie (just remember that movies at that time moved a little slower):

Are there any other ideas? Do let us know.

Also, check out The Meatrix:

The Meatrix I

  • Shelli - I now know why I did terribly on the quiz, I never went to your website. Silly me.

    I love to bake bread and really should do it more often. Maybe I’ll make some this weekend, it’s a great winter treat. I have my great grandma’s recipe for a braided bread loaf that she used to make for the prisoners at my great grandpa’s jail. It’s my favorite to make.

    I have a friend that likes to cook organically, make soap, garden etc. I’m going to give her this blog address, it looks like you have alot in common with her too.

    I’d love to do pretty much all of your activities you have listed other than the animal part. I have a dog, but that’s the extent of my love of animals, I’m a one or two pet at a time kind of gal.ReplyCancel

  • Melissa - I think the original Beardsley’s are a great idea for names. I was thinking about Frank and Lily Gilbreth and their 12 children from the original Cheaper By the Dozen. The Beardsleys are a better idea with 19 children already there. The original was a much better movie anyway!!ReplyCancel

  • Landon - Wow. “The Meatrix” is one of the best animated features I’ve seen in a long time. I got the directions to two organic producers near here. Many thanks. In a way, it also makes me want to see The Matrix again. I’ve had two friends tell me my impression of Agent Smith is so dead-on it actually creeped them out…ReplyCancel

  • Razor Family Farms - Shelli– I would LOVE to try that bread recipe. Is it a secret or would you be willing to post it to your blog?

    Melissa– That’s a great suggestion! I agree that the original Yours, Mine, and Ours was by far the best version. It’s hard to improve on perfection! Oh, how I love the movies of that decade!

    Landon– You crack me up! Now I have to call you so I can hear your Agent Smith impression. You’ll also have to tell us about your adventures at the organic producers’ place. I’m very nosy and want to know all the details!! 😉ReplyCancel

  • Tia Julie - I am sooo happy that you liked the suggestion for the name of the chicks. Thank you for bringing things up that inspire my memory banks into igniting. This movie is one of my favorites from that time and my wonderful husband once again found a DVD of it and it is on it’s way to being added to my collection.
    “The Meatrix” animation sure gets you to thinking as well. I love their web site it is packed with valuable information. Thank you Lacy and Joshua for helping others become aware of other options.ReplyCancel

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