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The Challenge


Wear this button proudly! How? Just post it on your blog. Let everyone know that you are making the world a better place — you are giving back and using your spending power to support the people and animals who deserve it most. Encourage others to do the same. All we ask is that you place it in a blog entry and tell your readers where you buy your eggs and poultry (maybe you have your own chickens, ducks, and turkeys), about your garden or the local vegetable stand, and just how easy it is to be the change you seek. We aren’t asking you to break the bank, either. The promise is to TRY at every opportunity to live up to the button. Walk tall, friends! You’ve just accepted the challenge.

Need the code? Here’s the deal:

<A HREF=”The URL of the site”><img src=”The URL of the image”></A>

The URL of the image is:


The URL of the site is: http://razorfamilyfarms.com/the-challenge/

Just copy and paste to fill in the the code (which WP keeps messing up). Click on the link for help.

Do you not have a blog/website? No worries! Save the image to your computer and then email it to everyone you know with a link to this page.

Questions? Contact us.

Did you accept the challenge? Let us know! Leave us a comment or just email us.


-The Razor Family

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