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Raising Frame

“Okay, boy. This is where all the hard work, sacrifice, and painful scaldings pays off.” -Homer Simpson, The Simpsons “Lard of the Dance”

Guinea house construction resumed after lunch. I painted the boards for the foundation while Josh assembled one side of the frame. He also sprinkled the ditch for the foundation with cinnamon to discourage insects from making a meal out of our untreated lumber (we did paint it).


Cinnamon is naturally an insect repellent. Natural Insect Pest Control should always be attempted. It may not always work, but it is certainly worth a try.

Here is one side of the frame (when finished, there will be five “A” like frames on each side):


Next, we lifted the frame into place and I braced it while Josh attached a few supports. This is when it is nice to have a buddy!


Here’s the almost finished project:


Just a few more hours ahead of us and we’ll have some very happy guineas this weekend!

  • Tia Julie & Tio Raul - Thank you for the cinnamon hint. I had heard that recently, but did not know if it was true. We will try it on our ant problem.
    WooHooooo for the guineas!
    Joshua you are looking mighty handsome standing there.ReplyCancel

  • Dee - That’s interesting about cinnamon. I knew pepper was a repellent, but I hadn’t considered cinnamon as one. Thanks for that helpful bit of info. I always appreciate hearing natural remedies for pest problems.

    I wanted to drop by and say Hello and let you know that I put you on my friend’s list.
    Thanks so much for adding me to your friendly blogger list, you really made smile!

    Hope you have a splendid weekend!ReplyCancel

  • Razor Family Farms - Hello Dee, Tia Julie, and Tio Raul! Thank you for the comments! We are always up for trying out a more nature-friendly approach. Of course, the most nature-friendly gesture would be to just let the ants and whatnot have at it but we do not thrill at the thought of rebuilding! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!ReplyCancel

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