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Thank you for donating to offset our adoption costs! Your donation has been received and a receipt for your purchase has been emailed to you. You may log into your account at www.paypal.com/us to view details of this transaction. We truly hope that you love the cookbook and enjoy the recipes (as we have done for many years). These are not just a handful of mediocre recipes. Each dish is cherished in our home. We wanted to thank you in a way that truly expressed our gratitude for your generosity. This cookbook is quite large and many of the recipes have recipes within them. For this reason, we created this special page so that you could download the pdf or simply bookmark the page in your browser.  If you are having any issues, please comment below and we’ll help you. Click HERE for the pdf to open.

With love and hope for the future,

Joshua, Lacy, and Caleb

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